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FELIX PANDO AUTISM: Music for children ‘to the rhythm of the heart’

Felix Pando already had a vast trajectory with music when he began to make “Music for babies” and also for children with autism.

Felix Pando

After successful years with “La Joven Guardia”, a group of which he is the creator, he was forced to go into exile in difficult times for our country, in the mid-70s, as did many Argentine musicians.

Felix Pando

Those were complicated years for Argentina, and music had to “follow a line”. No protest, no rebellion, no saying what was thought. Let alone sing it.

Felix Pando Spotify

By force, Felix’s future was changed. Starting over, in another country, without knowing the language or customs, was surely difficult for him. But those who know Felix know that for him there are no barriers or impossibles:

“You want to, you can.”

His first destination was Germany, where in 1977 he appeared in a talent contest (something like the current reality show “The Voice”) and won it! But he didn’t just get the laurels and the applause. He kept studying, kept perfecting himself, and kept working hard.


In 1984 he became the father of a beautiful baby girl, who had trouble getting to sleep. This was the starting point where Felix began to internalize and analyze what could make the little girl sleep. And, of course, he found it: the result of this was a huge collection of baby music. It wasn’t just a CD. Nor was it five. There were dozens and dozens, and new and different versions continue to be released year after year.


“Baby music stimulates thinking. It’s a game, in which my music tells stories to the little ones. I did a lot of research and learned from doctors and other specialists, who had done studies on the influence of music on children,” says Felix.


She adds: “In addition, I had an aunt with Dawn Syndrome, and several friends, whose children were in autism condition. Precisely, for Christmas 2020, one of those friends came home, and I observed what was happening to the 7-year-old boy,” says Pando.


This situation made Felix begin to internalize autism, and finally began to shape something that until then was just a project.


To do this, she got involved and researched autism, learned about the effect that sounds produced in children, and finally traveled to the United States, to study in more depth everything related to sounds, rhythms and melodies. in major and minor keys.


Felix Pando at 4 years old. A child prodigy, always thinking creatively
Felix Pando at 4 years old. A child prodigy, always thinking creatively

He visited schools, talked to relatives of children in this situation, lived with some of them. Years later, he was finally able to start bringing to life his collection of music specially composed for children with autism.


In this regard, Felix explains:


 “I realized that I could make music for these children, using the same techniques that I used to compose the music for the babies.”

Felix Pando Music


“It’s long to explain,” he adds, “but it can be summed up in that it has to do with the timing of the heart. Baby music doesn’t have a lot of bass, because it scares them. Instruments such as the music box, the xylophone, the clarinet, the flute, are ideal for them, and even the mother can sing on the “track” and put the baby to sleep with the sound.

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