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FELIX PANDO: Creatividad sin límites

14 de diciembre de 2021 | Félix Pando es un artista versátil y talentoso que le ha permitido diversificar su carrera, ha realizado composiciones musicales y arreglos dirigidos a diferentes audiencias y diferentes necesidades.


Interview with Felix Pando

09 de diciembre de 2021 | Felix Pando musican, composer, arranger and sound engineer uses a wide variety of techniques, sounds, different musical instruments and above all his experience into the fascinating world of music. At the same time, Felix truly does not believe that the major technological advances in music are the substitute for talent and experience, but as a sound engineer he knows the need to have a studio equipped with the most advanced recording systems for the improvement of musical techniques. He has achieved this goal, but at the same time, he uses a team of talented musicians with international recognition, for achieving high performance quality and technique of his musical productions.

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